Health Insurance Coverage & Georgia Divorces

Divorcing spouses may be so overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to “split” what they have, that they forget to consider future expenses they will face alone.  Insurance is one of those areas.  Whether it is car insurance or health insurance, couples should take the time to window shop and compare prices!

Many families have health insurance through the husband or the wife’s employer.   If both spouses have an employer (or are not unemployed or self-employed), then “post-divorce” health insurance and its costs may not be complicated.

On the other hand, if one spouse depends on the other for health insurance (called a “dependent”), then it is time to start shopping.  As soon as practicable, the dependent spouse (and, really, the other spouse should get this information, too) should begin assessing the following:

1.  How much will health insurance cost me after the divorce if I stay on this plan and how long can I stay on this plan?

2.  How much will health insurance cost to cover me (and to cover me and the children) through other insurance companies?

3.  How does the “deductible” affect the “premium”?

4.  If I have a pre-existing condition, what does that mean?  If I have a gap in coverage, what does that mean?

5.  Am I (or my children) eligible for any health insurance coverage through a governmental agency? (e.g., Medicare)


Without the answers to these questions, many divorcing couples are not fully prepared for the changes that their future(s) will bring or to accurately assess support issues (whether it is spousal support or child support).   Answering these questions can be obtained by doing the leg-work yourself, or by enlisting the help (usually free of charge) of an insurance expert.   For more information, check out the links below:



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