Mediate Before You Separate: No Kids

Arguably, a separation or divorce is less complicated when no minor children are involved.  For such couples or empty-nesters, mediation can be a great first step in the transition from “a family” to “two families.” 

For couples whose separation is not overly contentious, consider mediation – which is confidential – before retaining lawyers.  Why?  What you may be able to work out on your own may save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees. 

Consider this:  Most attorneys bill by the hour and break the hour down into six-increments. 

Thus, wife’s attorney who leaves a voice mail for husband’s attorney not only means that the wife may be billed for “six minutes,” but the husband’s attorney who listens to the voice mail and then returns the call also bill (at least) “six minutes.”  In dollars and cents, one round of  “phone tag” could collectively cost the couple $40.00 (.2 x $200.00), with no results!

Playing out the “phone tag” scenario over all of the issues covered in divorce could literally break the bank!  When couples work out as much as they can on their own – and then perhaps involve attorneys – they may save themselves money and cut out the time spent on “phone tag.”