New Panelist Vickie Wiggins joins One Mediation

Vickie Y. Wiggins is an investigator with One Mediation who specializes in workplace investigations. Ms. Wiggins has practiced law in Georgia for over 15 years and has a sub-specialty in employment and immigration matters. As a trial attorney, she has worked on numerous class action and individual lawsuits involving large corporations. Through these cases, she has developed a keen understanding on how to collect relevant information through the review of documents and interviews of witnesses. These skills serve her well with respect to conducting workplace investigations into allegations of workplace misconduct – such as harassment, discrimination and retaliation – as an impartial third party. With respect to her investigations, Ms. Wiggins may be engaged not only to evaluate allegations of workplace misconduct, but also to:

– make recommendations relating to training gaps or needs;
– make determinations as to whether a workplace policy has been violated;
– make recommendations with respect to corrective measures, if applicable;
– make recommendations of amendments to workplace policies.

Ms. Wiggins neutral services also include mediating and arbitrating disputes. Her specialization includes conflict resolution of business and commercial disputes, divorce and family law matters, personal injury and wrongful death, insurance and contract disputes.