Mediation to Calm the Waters of Separation/Divorce

The process of teasing apart a family through separation and divorce is complicated.  Getting quick decisions from a court is nearly impossible.  Getting quick decisions directly – meaning spouse to spouse – can also be nearly impossible at times.  But, quick decisions or  even temporary arrangements often need to occur.

Mediation can be a means to accomplish those tasks “along the way.”  Sometimes it takes having someone – like a mediator – help the couple (who may be parents) pin down decisions for the next week, month, or school year when a court or lawyers may not be (or may not yet be) involved.

A hat tip to Florida Mediator James Page, his recent blog post on this item is as simple as it is spot-on.  

While mediation is not the answer to every problem, it is a tool that is readily available to individuals that is often unknown or overlooked.  Take a look at Atlanta’s “Separation Program” at One Mediation for details on how mediation can help families in transition.