Georgia Divorces are “Different”

ImageLook, tell a friend, tell an enemy…one state’s divorce laws are not another state’s divorce laws!

This means that getting a divorce in Georgia will involve Georgia’s laws (okay, there are some extreme exceptions to that statement, but they probably don’t apply to you).  New Jersey’s laws aren’t going to apply.  California’s laws aren’t going to apply (so stop relying on the tabloids that detail Hollywood breakups for your legal advice in Georgia).  

All kidding aside, the realities of “domestic relations” law (which includes divorce) are very state specific.  So, when looking online for information about divorce – make sure that you are looking at comments that involve your state’s legal landscape.  

In Georgia, may family law firms have incredibly rich resources on their websites about the law…for free!  Take advantage of them, and consider whether these kinds of attorneys – who are interested in informing you about the law – are right for you!  Here are a sampling of some good sites with divorce resources: