Filing an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia….

If you know the rules or know where to find them, the game is not so hard.   Often the law can be that way.  With couples that are trying to file their uncontested divorce themselves, the effort, diligence, and sheer perseverance required to figure out how to do it can be daunting!  But, it can be done.

Below are several resources that may help clear the way:  (Go to “Title 19” Domestic Relations – learn about divorce, separation, child support and visitation, division of property (assets and debts), alimony, etc.)  (Packets of Court Forms can be found at this site – though check your particular Georgia Courthouse for similar forms).  (Great worksheets for taking inventory of your life/lives).  (Good pointers)

Got minor children?  (The Georgia Child Support Worksheet forms can be downloaded here)  (A sample “Parenting Plan” from Houston County, Georgia – most counties have their own form online, just google it.)

Call your county’s courthouse about registering for its “Divorcing Parents Seminar” and keep your “diploma!”   Online registration is available in some courts, for example:





What about more complex money and business matters?  You may want to use a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  These links may be helpful:

Overwhelmed yet by the mountain of paperwork even for an uncontested divorce?  Mediators can not only assist in drafting your settlement agreement, but also can complete the child support worksheets and parenting plans for you.)   Check out the Divorce Programs at One Mediation, for example:


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