Planning for the Future (and the Aging of Families)

Denial.  Emotions.  Avoidance.

Each term describes some aspect of how family members individually and collectively face the needs of aging family members.

However, addressing aging issues is one of the most respectful and positive actions a family can take with regard to elder issues.  One way to address issues of aging involves a family meeting – and the holidays are often a prime opportunity to hold these discussions while “everyone” is together.

With nearly 16,000 Americans reaching the age of 65 everyday for the next decade (or so), these family meetings will become the norm rather than the anomaly.  Meet soon, often, and before a need arises and utilize a qualified elder mediator to help frame the discussion.




Mediation and Divorce: Hope for Reducing Costly Legal Battles in Canada

The trend towards requiring mediation in legal disputes has become the focus of legislation in Canada.  There, legislation is proposed to help families in divorce avoid costly legal bills and to reduce the judicial caseload.  With the prevalence of divorce and its high emotions, mediation is a means to address productively some of the stumbling blocks to resolution that often create incentives or circumstances that lead to long and expensive legal disputes.