Parental Conflict: How it Can Be Harmful for Children

Parental Conflict: How it Can Be Harmful for Children.


Co-Parenting is hard.  There are so many mistakes that can be made so easily.  The benefit of using a competent “divorce focused” therapist to assist with building a Parenting Plan that anticipates more than just which day of the week the children are with each parent can be monumentally important to the parents’ overall success in raising children truly “as well as they could.”

Integrative Divorce Mediation assumes that divorce professionals – whether in the financial, legal and parenting (which can include therapists, communication coaches, educational specialists, and more) – are integrated into the mediation process.  In short, parents can use the co-mediation model whereby each “professional” serves as a neutral party (in other words, one mediator in a team of mediators) to get a comprehensive and customized solution that will serve their family holistically.

Not a bad idea, eh?

Divorce with “One Mediation,” a mediation firm in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in family disputes and works tirelessly to educate individuals and families about their options.


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