We Aren’t Talking, So Can We Mediate Our Divorce?

This may come as a shock, but Divorce rarely involves two people who are communicating well, share the same motivations, or are not experiencing some degree of denial/hurt/anger.  As such, many times divorcing spouses at one point or another end up in a stalemate of not talking to one another for a variety of reasons:  conflict avoidance, the rut is better than another heated discussion, the status quo might be better than moving forward, etc.   It is common.

Divorce Mediation can be a “way out” of these kinds of ruts.  How does it work?

First, a mediator is trained to help parties who are in conflict work together towards a solution, even if they never speak directly to one another.

Second, a mediator can extend an invitation to mediate from one spouse to the other.  This “invitation” is particularly helpful in situations where parties may not (yet) have legal counsel, but the practical realities of the children, paying bills, etc. are “up in the air.”   These logistics can be pinned down, even if the ultimate issues of the divorce may be left for another day.

Third, divorce mediators are trained in conflict communication and, because they’ve dealt with these issues 100+ times more than you have, they have lots of ideas and options to help couples solve the real-world problems of separation and divorce.  Most spouses arrive at separation and divorce with no prior experience.  Mediators can help you avoid reinventing the wheel, help you formulate your questions for legal counsel if you are unrepresented, and more!

In a rut?  Contact a divorce mediator for an assessment of whether mediation is a viable option for your situation and, as is done at mediation firms like One Mediation in Atlanta, to extend an invitation to your spouse to mediate. 


One Response to We Aren’t Talking, So Can We Mediate Our Divorce?

  1. Brian says:

    Mediators do help, but as always in divorces, one should have family law attorney representing them as well.

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