Not The Twelve Days of Christmas but Twelve Reasons Why You Need a Smart Team Approach for Your Divorce!

Good attorneys will likely be honest that they are not tax experts or business valuation experts or emotional health experts…and they will provide you with a list of good referrals to true experts in those fields.

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Instead of the twelve days of Christmas, which we realize has passed, we are bringing you the twelve reasons you need a Smart Team Approach/Divorce Coach to help you with your divorce/custody issues. Including the one reason that makes this list especially important to you.


12. With so much to lose, you can no longer afford to enter the divorce process ignorant or unprepared Petitioner or Respondent. Already involved in a high conflict case? Stop bleeding money, emotions and time. Get out sooner and for less, using a Smart Team Approach.


11. In today’s divorce environment you can lose your home, job, career, your children. You can even go to jail!  Does your attorney have the capability of representing you if you are facing child abuse or domestic abuse allegations. Women listen up this applies to you too, as more women are being arrested or dealing with allegations…

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