Can there be a “Mediation Friendly” Attorney?

A recent article interviewed a family lawyer in California.  In the article, the attorney addressed poorly thought-out settlement agreements, an issue in every state.   He also described a certain brand of family law attorney:  a “mediation-friendly” attorney.

What is a mediation-friendly attorney?  Many Georgia attorneys’ websites proclaim their practice as cooperative or collaborative (though they are not certified in “Collaborative Law”).   While there probably is no perfect definition of this term, the sentiment appears to be that there are attorneys who are more willing than other attorneys to advise clients to be open to resolving family law disputes through mediation, negotiation, etc.

Is advising a client to be open to a negotiated settlement a breach of an attorney’s ethical duty to be a zealous advocate?   If so, when does that occur (and does it make the attorney “mediation friendly”)?   Comment here.


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