Workplace Investigations & Poor Leadership

Poor leadership is bad business.  It also can create bad press, increase liability risks, and result in the loss of talented and well trained employees.   A North Dakota law enforcement agency is a recent example:

Employee’s internal complaints can be an early warning system for employers, if they are prepared.  Too often, employers treat internal complaints as just a “run-of-the-mill” employee gripe or grumble.   A prepared employer is prepared to address employee concerns rather than sweep them under the carpet.

Employers who are concerned about their workforce are prepared to handle the grumble, along with the high stakes concerns shared by employees.   Responding to these concerns appropriately can make a huge difference in the amount of liability risks that an employer may face, particularly when problems are identified and solved well-before they might escalate into an attrition problem or a law suit.

Workplace Investigations into employee concerns can be performed by an appropriate employee or by an external, independent investigator.  Their review of the issues are commensurate with the scope of the complaint and often can uncover the actual cause of the problem, identify the symptoms of the problem, and ways to correct the problem or avoid the consequences in the future.  Whatever the outcome, workplace investigations sometimes involve business analysis and solutions – as did the recent North Dakota investigation – that can assist an organization with a more positive and solutions-focused future.


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