Inaugural Boards of Trustees for the Academy for Men and the Academy for Women

The Visions Anew Institute is establishing its inaugural Boards of Trustees for its brand-new Academies. The Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides education, resources and support for individuals, both men and women, who are facing the divorce process.

In 2012, the Institute established an Academy for Men and an Academy for Women.  These Academies are governed by individual Boards of Trustees that report to the Institute’s Board of Directors.  Trustees are approved by the Board of Directors and serve for a two year term, with 50% of the Board’s terms expiring each year.  Trustees may be reappointed for successive years.  Each Board has a chair-person.
Each Board of Trustees is responsible for proposing an annual curriculum for their intended audience, though joint events with the other Academy is permitted, to the Board of Directors’ approval.  This recommendation is generally made in September of the year before the curricular year, which begins in January.  The Board of Directors’ oversight is intended to preserve equity in budgetary allotments and the quantity of programming between the two Academies.
Each Board of Trustees is also charged with:
  • selecting and securing the faculty for the approved events/curriculum;
  • setting the dates and times of the event(s),
  • creating appropriate sponsorship opportunity (e.g. lunch sponsor, etc.) for each event, program, series, or initiative;
  • ensuring that each event is promoted and solicited through the Institute’s website and administrative staff in advance of the event.
The administrative staff is charged with supporting these events through promotional initiatives (e.g., inclusion of events in e-newsletters, posting on website, promoting at other Institute events, etc.), setting up registration, securing a location (if not provided by a Trustee) or venue, providing reception/administrative support at the event, and ensuring appropriate follow-up with attendees/faculty/sponsors after the event.

Attorneys, financial experts, counselors and therapists, and individuals who have been divorced are encouraged to apply to become a Trustee.   Applications can be found at:


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