SpeedDivorcing: It’s Not What You Think (June 19th, Atlanta)

Individuals who face the divorce process often are tacking it for the first time…and after the fact, wish they had known certain things at the start of things.  Had they just known this one piece of information, they might have made much better decisions about how to proceed, they might have been able to evaluate a settlement offer more effectively, etc.  Had they just KNOWN….

The bottom line is that having good information is critical to ensuring that wise decisions are made for the family and the  future of the post-divorce family.  This is where SpeedDivorcing comes in!

SpeedDivorcing is an educational event that provides divorce information from professionals to individuals who are contemplating the divorce process or who are in the early stages of divorce in a “small group” setting.  The event begins with a panel discussion and then moves into a “round robin” format where attendees rotate through each of the professionals in a short, one-on-one session.  At the end of the session, attendees will have information that helps them avoid common pitfalls of divorce and that assists them with assessing what kind of information or services are available to them and that may serve their needs.

Getting good information about divorce quickly could never be more timely than right now for families in transition.  Meet the panelists and learn more about this June 19, 2012 event (next offered in September 2012) by clicking here.


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