When Is Divorce Mediation Right for a Couple?

Google “cheap” and “divorce” and many of the top items are information about “uncontested divorce.”  In the world of divorce, there are contested divorces, uncontested divorces, amicable divorces, and “War of the Roses” divorces…and everything in between.  

An uncontested divorce is really describing the legal status of the divorce paperwork filed with the relevant court.  In an uncontested divorce, the couple has agreed to all of the terms of the divorce and has essentially stipulated to the answers to the legal issues (property division, children’s issues, etc.), such that a court could simply adopt the couple’s agreement and issue a divorce decree.  

Everything else, from the court’s perspective, is a contested divorce.

For some couples, they are very close to reaching an agreement on the terms of their divorce.  The couple is fairly amicable, but the details of their separations and futures haven’t been fully resolved.  In such instances, divorce mediation may be a great solution to getting the couple from “nearly uncontested” to uncontested, indeed.

How does a couple know if mediation will work for them?  The short answer is that no one knows if mediation will result in a complete agreement, though it does for many families.  There are some factors that couples might consider in determining whether divorce mediation will be a good process for them to use or not.  A recent and short article hits on some of these factors.  

If you are considering divorce mediation, contact One Mediation to learn more, attend a seminar, or schedule an appointment with a divorce consultant or divorce mediation coach to get more informed, prepared, and confident about the divorce process and your future.   


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