Divorce Expo – Novel Concept, Big Dividends for Information Gathering

Recently, the people of Detroit had the opportunity to attend a Divorce Expo.   While this type of expo does not share the same zip of the Bridal Expos, Fashion Expos, etc., it arguably has a much more important impact, particularly for families in crisis and transition.

Indeed, learning just a little about so many aspects of the divorce process – the legal, the emotional, the financial, the children’s issues, and more – in one location over a dedicated period of time could be a critical step in many families avoiding missteps and losing critical opportunities.  In Atlanta, the closest 2012 events to this Divorce Expo include Visions Anew Institute’s April 21st “Divorce 101” Seminar  (this seminar is women only – men at a later date) or Divorce Money Matters’ April 23rd “Speed-Divorcing” Event.  Both are low-cost, high impact – tell a friend.



One Response to Divorce Expo – Novel Concept, Big Dividends for Information Gathering

  1. joostallard says:

    As one of the organizers of the The Divorce Expo in Detroit this past weekend, I can wholeheartedly affirm your statement that this type of initiative has great importance or all involved with the topic of changing relationships, both adult and parenting. The feedback thus far from our attendees was overwhelmingly positive.
    I am very pleased to hear of the initiatives by Visions Anew and Divorce Money Matters in Atlanta. We wish them great success and would be very interested in collaborating with both organizations to do more for more couples and individuals in the Atlanta region.

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