Internal Complaints….The Lids Fly Off When!!

A 37 Page Complaint…recently, a major agency received this written complaint from a high ranking official in the organization that blasted an even higher ranking official.  Politically motivated?  Do-gooder doing the right thing?  Someone who’d “had it up to here”?

Too often, employers dismiss internal complaints rather than move them into a credible investigative process because they are too concerned with what may appear (and may actually be) questionable motives in raising the concern rather than focusing on “clearing the air” to determine if a problem exists.

Employers should have an investigative process in place before a need to investigate internal concerns arise.  Some employers utilize “hot lines,” while others have “open door policies” and harassment policies with a stated complaint process.  These options often suffice, but employers who have been through contentious litigation regarding the workplace usually can point to opportunities that they wished they’d offered to hear about the concern before hearing it from opposing counsel, a governmental agency, or through a court pleading.

Interested in learning about options for your workplace?  Contact One Mediation regarding its internal dispute resolution programs, E-Resolved hotline options, and more.  Simple solutions at work!



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