Could Your Employer Use $8,600? Tips for Managing the Cost of Divorce in the Workplace

Jennifer Keaton is an attorney and mediator.

Recently, Deborah Moskovitch, an attorney and divorce expert, recently published an article in the Canadian HRReporter entitled, “Helping an Employee through Divorce.”     Her article notes that an employee who is going through a divorce impacts the workplace to the tune of  about $8,600!  Common sense certainly tells us that the divorce process usually results in a distracted and less productive employee, so that figure appears credible.

What can an employer do to help an employee who is facing the uncertainty and stress of the divorce process?   Paying for the divorce attorney is out of the question, but there are practical things that supervisors can do to help the situation.  Among Ms. Moskovitch’s tips is the age old rule of thumb:   keep a professional distance.

She posits that when a supervisor discloses personal information, he or she not only contributes to the distraction, but also may deter the employee from getting the professional services (psychological, financial, and/or legal) that truly are needed.  When an employee looks to others in the workplace who have been through divorce, there is a risk that the employee will rely on that information and come back for more.

The bottom line is that keeping the personal matters out of the workplace is impossible, but it can be minimized and minimized in a manner that does not have to be cold-hearted.



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