Divorce Mediation on the Rise: Why?

The Denver Post published a recent article on the rise of mediation in divorce.  In it, a couple ending a 30-year marriage discusses their decision-making process.

 In short, they both managed the emotions of the break-up, which were exacerbated by unemployment and having properties that were worth less than the balance on the related mortgages, in order to choose a course that did not involve mutual annihilation.  

As individuals have access to more information about divorce and have greater contact with people who have been through the process, couples are in a much better position to make rational decisions about HOW they divorce rather than letting the very real and emotional aspects of divorce drive them to sabotage themselves (and maybe their spouse, too).  

As detailed in the article, many couples mediate a separation agreement before finalizing a “settlement agreement” on the terms of their divorce that will be filed with a court.  Often these separation agreements are very helpful to making the transition predictable and to give the scenario, particularly when children are involved, a trial run before etching it in stone.

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