Post-Holiday Divorces…Just Get Me Through the Holidays, And Then….

Family Lawyers will tell you that their practices typically will slow down (except emergency matters) around the last two weeks of December.  However, they come roaring to life in January.   The theory goes that many folks who are in trying family circumstances will try to “make it through” the holidays before getting serious with legal processes, making their decision to leave a spouse known, or otherwise create more trying or contentious circumstances.

Despite the feigned peace over the holidays, planning, stewing, and emotional roller coasters continue.

As to the planning, getting as much information as possible about the separation and divorce process in your state and getting as much information about your own family (more about this in a minute) is a critical step…often one that should be done before jumping into full-fledged litigation.

“Two Suggestions” for divorce planning:

First, consult (only consult) with an attorney or a divorce mediator in your town about the process, timeline, and cost.  For a taste of what information you might receive or inquire about, click here.

Second, review these inventory forms for getting organized regarding “the financials.”   The benefit of being organized early cannot be overstated.  Cannot. Be. Overstated.





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