Isolation of Seniors in Need

Elder abuse.  It’s a tragic reality, and one where family members of the victim often feel extreme levels of guilt.  Why?  Because the warning signs were there, but no one intervened.  Again, why?

With elder abuse, often it is a family member who is abusing or neglecting the victim.  Often, the family “caregiver” provides friends and family information that they believe will appease them or prevent them from looking closer at what is actually going on.  Too often, the family “caregiver” will take steps to prevent others, to include authorities, from having contact with the victim.

Too often, they get away with it.  Recently, a case of elder neglect was uncovered in Georgia.   In that case, the adult daughter who was caring for her mother was arrested and the media’s reports suggest that mental health issues may have played a prominent role in the incident.   Too little.  Too late.

When a family has aging loved ones, family members should meet to discuss the future and how they would like to handle the aging loved one’s needs…before the needs arise.  Contact a qualified Elder Mediator to help your family address long-term care issues – the legal, the financial, the medical, and the emotional aspects all can be addressed and provide added assurance that your family never makes headlines.


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