Employers – Increase Your Benefits!

Those “survivors” who are still employed may be enjoying lower pay, more duties, and decreased benefits – a typical scenario in this particular economy.  It is not that the business owner or the corporation is necessarily heartless – indeed, many are heartbroken and took pride in employing individuals and supporting their families.  But, now…

Employers have been challenged to “think outside the box” in this economy.   For employee morale, it does not have to be overly complex to get there or to add another expense to the bottom line.   How?   Think discounts, coupons, and “specials.”

Wherever you are located, there are businesses who want to access your workforce…no matter how small.  Ask local retailers and service providers if they would be willing to offer your employees a special deal – chances are, they would.  Got an ice-cream shop nearby:  How about a free scoop for a certain week?  Got a dry cleaners, a UPS Store, or a fast-food restaurant in the vicinity:  How about a 15% discount for your employees?  Large employers – such as Turner Broadcasting and others – already do this sort of bartering.  So can you.

Indeed, give One Mediation a call about its discount programs for employers.  You’ll find that its Family Mediation Programs (elder care, separation and divorce, and Divorce Med-Arb) are a fantastic complement to typical health insurance, Employee Assistance Programs, and Pre-Paid Legal programs…not to mention a nice boon to the related issues of ADA accommodations and FMLA and Sick Leave.   Why not help employees in ways that are tangible, but cost-free to the business?

I can’t think of a reason not to start making calls.


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