Re-Entering the Work Force (and Age Discrimination)

Are you new to the job search, but not a “new adult”?   With more and more Americans having the common experience of being a victim of a RIF, a lay-off, a hiring freeze, etc., more and more Americans are back on the prowl for a new job.  No new news here, right?

However, the ability to land that next position is complicated.  Many unemployed Americans are finding themselves in positions out of necessity, and these positions may be in an entirely new and unintended industry or “level.”

Even getting less than desirable positions is complicated.   Landing an interview with an employer that is actually going to fill “that position” means that preparation is paramount.

For those who haven’t interviewed in years (maybe even decades), knocking off the rust for making a solid presentation (of you) will take practice (in the mirror, with a friend, with the dog, etc.) and thinking well in advance of actually speaking.

What are you going to say?  And, if you are concerned about age discrimination, then you also need to be thinking of how you can avoid fanning the flames of negative stereotypes in an interview.  Yeah, yeah – you shouldn’t have to worry about it and ageism is illegal and it will take you years to get a favorable verdict and your bills are due before then.

So, how do you put your best foot forward in the meantime?

Prepare, Rehearse, Prepare, Rehearse.  And, take in the tips that are readily available (even though you think you know better…so do the 20 year-olds you are competing against for that lousy job).


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