Mom & Dad in that Big Ole House: Elder Mediation

Many families who schedule an elder mediation are delighted that they did at the end of the session.  The dread and denial of watching a parent age hurts a bit, and the realities of caring for aging individuals is not for the faint of heart.

A recent article in the LA Times hits on these points squarely and highlights why more families are choosing to hold a “family meeting” with a mediator who knows about senior resources, legal issues, and the financial and health related realities that the family is likely to face (and that they can plan for) so that they can put together a “Care Plan.”

At the end of the day, we all want to dictate how we are cared for, but too many wait until it is too late and potentially leave the burden to their families to “guess” what they would have wanted.  It’s a rough road, but one that can be smoothed over with an elder mediator to help.  Look for elder mediators and related elder mediation programs, like those at One Mediation in Atlanta, for more information.


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