Tips for Managing Your Divorce Lawyer(‘s Bill)

Andy Flink is a fine mediator, arbitrator and one of the good guys.  His recent post sheds light on how divorce clients can manage their relationship with their attorney and manage their legal bills, too.

On that note of managing the legal bill, I add this item to Andy’s list.  Ask questions about what the hourly rate of all the individuals who might work  on your case (are there charges for the paralegal’s time?  is the associate cheaper?).  Ask whether emails and voice mail messages incur charges (bet they do!).  And, give a little thought to whether paying your attorney to play phone tag with opposing counsel about a trinket really makes sense.  If the trinket costs $100 and the attorney costs $300 per hour…times two…

There are ways to manage the attorney’s bills, but it starts with asking hard questions.  Ask the hard questions.


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