DYI Divorce? Mediate Then Arbitrate?

The value of ADR in the family law arena, particularly divorce, is gaining popularity.   What couples may not consider when they are at the start of the process is how to manage the process.

Many couples have a pretty good idea of how they might “split” their assets and debts, care for their children, and such.  But, the paperwork and some of the details make it a little too intimidating.  Hire an opportunistic attorney and – voila – thousands of dollars that might otherwise have been retained are not there to split (problem solved!).

However, if many couples understood that they could Mediate and THEN Arbitrate their divorce (with or without legal counsel), they might be able to avoid some major expenditures to get divorced.

Couples can make an agreement to start with mediating the terms of their divorce and, where they cannot agree, they submit those unresolved issues to an arbitrator.  The end result: the ability to file for an uncontested divorce!

Many couples balk at the idea of mediation because there is no guarantee that there will be an agreement of any kind at the end of the day.  Pairing mediation and arbitration together guarantees a resolution that likely will be far, far cheaper and faster than litigation, while still asserting some control over the outcome.

Contact One Mediation for more details about “Med-Arb” of Divorce.


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