Divorce Arbitration: When You’re So Close To An Agreement

Many couples in the throes of separation and divorce often agree on quite a bit on how they will move forward.  However, there often are a handful of issues on which they simply can’t agree.  So, they give up and wait for a judge…and they wait, and wait, and wait….

In this economy, “The House” frequently is one of those issues that isn’t easily resolved.  Can’t rent it.  Can’t afford it.  Can’t sell it.  So, the couple waits for a judge to handle it…but, the economy may have recovered by then!

Arbitration is a process that divorcing couples should look to as a tool to move efficiently to their divorce.  Where there are a handful of outstanding issues to be resolved, couples can choose to wait for the court or they can look to an arbitrator (or a panel of arbitrators) to hear the dispute and make a decision (usually called an “award”).  If the couple agrees that the arbitrators’ decision will be binding, then the award can be submitted to the court for approval (hopefully, in conjunction with a complete settlement).    ADR is flexible enough to deal with these trying situations – but knowing the options is not always the case.

At One Mediation, a Divorce Arbitration Program will be rolled out in April 2011.  Through this program, couples can choose to arbitrate some or all of their divorce issues to a panel of two arbitrators.  Each spouse selects one of the two arbitrators from One Mediation’s panel of arbitrators and mediators who will jointly hear the couple’s case and issue an award.  It’s quick.  It’s efficient.  It’s cost effective.

Call One Mediation for more details: 404-720-0599.


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