10,000 a Day!?! The Aged Caring for the Aged.

In America, the population is incorporating new 60 year-olds at a rate of 10,000 per day.   These Baby-Boomers are receiving renewed interest for their impact on Social Security, but for mediators…the attention is on them for their impact on the parents!

Baby-Boomers increasingly are having to face their own aging issues at the same time that they are having to face the aging issues of their own parents.   Most thought that they’d be carefree, not caregiving.

Many Boomers are facing the realities of caregiving for parents who are in their 80s and beyond.   It’s tough work, even in the best of circumstances.   In the worst of circumstances, the ugliest of human frailties are highlighted.  Somewhere in between these extremes are most families.

How can families create circumstances that will best ensure that their aging loved one is respected and well-cared for?   Communicate frequently!

One Mediation established its Elder Care Decisionmaking Program for families earlier this year.  In this program, a mediator facilitates a family meeting to create a Care Plan for a loved one, often including a communication plan.   These facilitated family meetings are a great first step to successfully caring for a loved one, where hurt feelings, anger, confusion, suspicion, and avoidable disagreement can be short-circuited.  In the best situations, the parents instigate the meeting.  In less ideal situations, the loved ones (often adult siblings) call the meeting.

In any event, with 10,000 Americans aging into the senior strata every day, the need to plan and plan early WITH your family becomes ever more important.  Schedule your family’s appointment today.


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