Elder Mediation Program Launches The Easiest Way to Hold a Family Meeting

One Mediation is pleased to announce the launch of the Elder Care Decision Program.

Through this program, families (usually at the behest of a child-caregiver) meet with an experienced mediator (typically an attorney) who is familiar with legal issues and elder resources in the vicinity.  By making an appointment for a “family meeting,” frank conversations about the care of a loved one or end-of-life issues are aired.  Through this process, a family can forge consensus and create an agreement, usually a Caring Plan,  about how they will handle issues today and foreseeable changes in the future.

These meetings often prevent later strains on family relations due to misunderstanding, unstated concerns, and pent-up emotions.

Indeed, where an adult sibling begins providing more and more assistance to a parent, the less involved (and often out-of-state) siblings can feel disconnected to the situation and suspicious.  For example, the primary caregiving child begins to receive frequent checks from the parent.  While the checks are reimbursements for expenses related to the parent’s care (groceries, medicines, etc.), it may appear to others that the caregiver is taking advantage of the parent for personal gain.  These misunderstandings can easily be avoided – but poor communication fans the flames of suspicion.  A family meeting could have prevented such emotional toils.

Families do not have to wait until there is a “scare” or a crisis with an aging loved one.  Instead, seniors – particularly those in blended families – can “call a family meeting” to let their children, siblings, and other loved ones know what they want and desire as they age.  These meetings, which are facilitated by a mediator, make it less uncomfortable for aging parents to ensure that their “next of kin” know their desires and where (and who is listed in) their important documents (e.g., living wills, organ donation wishes, will administration, etc.).

Akin to going to the dentist, this appointment may be something that families don’t want to do, believe they can put off, and want to avoid.  However, the consequences of not holding a family meeting (facilitated or otherwise) can be – literally – life or death.

Call One Mediation (404-720-0599) for more information about this program and whether scheduling an appointment for your family meeting would be helpful.


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