UPS Botched Its HR Logistics With A “Ready, Fire, Aim” Tactic

Look before you leap.  Get your ducks in row.  Know Before You Go.  All of these sayings fit the bill for what the media is saying about how UPS handled the termination of one of its employees.

The short story is that UPS suspected that an employee was engaged in fraudulent conduct, terminated the employee, and turned the matter over to the police.  In litigation, the employee was able to show that UPS had not completed its investigation into the allegations and did not offer him an opportunity to refute the allegations.   The employee, as a result, left his job with a very high incentive to fight the fraud charges and to clear his name.

He did and arguably has won.

UPS, on the other hand, looks like it did not plan or execute well as it “ready, fire, aimed.”

The moral of the story for HR Professionals is to do the investigation right and to complete it before taking action.


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