Caregivers Unite!

Mediators facilitate hard conversations.  One of those hard conversations occurs between adult siblings (and sometimes an aging parent) about long-term care issues and planning for aging.  Indeed, these kinds of conversations are usually “no fun,” avoided, and/or contentious.   A growing number of adult-siblings have begun to use a mediator to facilitate these hard conversations in order to face the music.  this trend was recently described in a feature article in the Washington Post.

Burke Johnson with One Mediation in Atlanta, Georgia is one of these mediators who helps families face planning for parents’ aging or who are facing an elder-care crisis.  As noted in the recent article, it is often a very small price to pay to use a mediator to address these issues – which often include legal issues of guardianship, etc. – rather than pay a fleet of attorneys to battle.  

Call it a family meeting, an elder-care mediation, or a meeting of the minds, mediating how the family will address aging issues can be pivotal to reducing resentment, hurt, and regret among family members.  And, when parents can be involved in the discussion, the process can promote greater predictability and certainty for everyone involved.


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