“Up To Parents” – What a Great Resource for Parting Parents!

The internet has a wealth of information, but vetting the good from the bad is daunting.  For separating and divorcing parents, the breadth of sites, boards, videos, forms, courts, law firms, etc. that are on the web is overwhelming.

But for truly engaged parents who are interested in getting solid information on what they need to do and what their children need during and after the divorce, “Up To Parents” provides easy to use resources that provide great tips, consolidates research, and generally provides a one-stop shop for the “What do I do?”

Short on time?  Then take a few minutes to watch Up To Parents video:  8 Hidden Keys no One Has Told You About

8 Hidden Keys No One Has Told You About

Beware: Watch and you’ll be hooked and will make time to review this site in depth.


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