$20K Per Month In Child-Support

Child support is generally an ugly aspect of co-parenting.  Quantifying what a parent must pay in some respects is always going to be less than what he or she wants to contribute (or does contribute in actuality). 

The battle about child support is usually about what is actually affordable as a court-ordered amount and the discussions are often fraught with angst that the monies will be used to supplement the other parent’s lifestyle (and to the detriment of the paying parent’s lifestyle).  Enter Mel Gibson….

Mel Gibson, the movie-star who’s become less shiny these days, is in a heated battle with the mother of his youngest child.  The current battle involves the potential court order of $20,000 per month in child support.  The battle does beg a few contradictary questions:

1.  Does it take $20K per month to raise a child?

2.  In contrast to most parents’ wallets, shouldn’t Mel be paying proportionally much more?

What do you think?


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