Narrowing the Scope = Lower Lawyer Fees

Give credit to a good blog about the law and the realities of litigation – it isn’t fun and games. 

In divorce, couples can radically lower their legal bills through mediation and even med-arb.  How?  Parties can choose to resolve as many issues as they can, to include discovery issues, before a hearing or trial.  When they do so, the amount of wrangling, phone tag, posturing and other teeth gnashing diminishes…and so do the number of billable hours that an attorney accrues.  A cost effective (and cheaper) divorce is possible.

In recognizing “the good guys,” a Georgia firm’s blog comments on the benefits of mediation in divorce matters.  The blog also provides solid, honest, and free information about many aspects of divorce.  It is a great resource for the individual who is considering or just facing matters of divorce.  Additionally, it recognizes that satisfied clients may come through great negotiation – with or without a mediator.


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