Plan Ahead: How to Save on Your Divorce

There’s an old divorce joke where, after a spat, the husband suggests a peace offering to his wife.  A ring? A pearl necklace?  None of these were what she had in mind.  When the husband asked what she did have in mind, she replied: a divorce.  The husband refused, stating that he hadn’t planned to pay THAT much.

All kidding aside, divorce can be or become a very expensive process.  Additionally, planning for a life “on your own” requires financial planning.   There are several businesses that specialize in this sort of planning, even before a divorce is ever filed.  However, it is never too late to get your finances in order.

Certified Divorce Financial Planners (CDFP) abound.  You can find many of them through listing services, by clicking here.

One such CFDP is Lisa Dwyer, who has a nice series of resources for nearly every stage of the game and whose focus is on saving money during divorce.


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