Divorce is a $28 Billion Industry? Get your share…

Just when you thought that the wedding industry was a racket, many have learned the hard way that their divorce cost more than their wedding – generally, $15,000 to $30,000!  And, yes, it is the attorneys who reap the reward.

Many people do not appreciate the fact that once they retain an attorney (and pay the retainer fee), the legal expenses usually continue if the divorce is contested.  More importantly, a client should understand that if he or she does not pay their attorney, the attorney often will withdraw (or attempt to withdraw) as his or her legal counsel.  When a withdrawal is approved, the client often is out thousands of dollars and has to figure out how to complete the divorce proceedings “on his own.” 

You can almost hear the toilet flush as the client realizes that he or she has spent a lot of money, but is still married.

If mediation had not been broached beforehand, certainly when an attorney withdraws as counsel for lack of payment, it should be.  Mediation can complete the job, and many wish they’d mediated to begin with.

One Mediation’s Separation Program and Divorce Program are designed to help couples save money as they re-evaluate their marriage or terminate it.   This is accomplished through pairing the spouses with mediation coaches who help each spouse prepare for the mediation.  This focus on preparation makes the need for legal representation at mediation optional.      

Find out more about cheaper alternatives, like mediation, to divorce litigation in this Forbes Magazine article:

Ten Keys to a Truly Cheap Divorce


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