New Panelist Duane Sevillian joins One Mediation

   Duane Sevillian worked for several major insurance companies as a VP of claims and legal prior to becoming a mediator and arbitrator on a full-time basis.  Having over 20 years of experience, including 15 years as an Arbitrator of commercial and consumer construction disputes, Mr. Sevillian brings a substantial range of experience to the table.

Mr. Sevillian currently mediates and arbitrates all civil matters and has extensive experience with issues involving construction, personal injury, divorce and child custody, landlord/tenant issues and insurance contract disputes.   He also mediates personal injury and employment disputes and investigates workplace complaints, including discrimination; employee theft, employee performance, audit reviews, medical and workers compensation issues.  

Mr. Sevillian has completed the Peachtree Road Race thirty-one times, is a Red Cross Volunteer and member of the Atlanta Track Club.  When he’s not running, he is also involved in the AGA’s Alternate Dispute Resolution Section, the Atlanta Association of Insurance Professionals, and makes presentations and writes legal guides.  More about Mr. Sevillian can be found by clicking here.


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