Is it a Coincidence that Mediation is Just One Letter Away from Medication and Meditation.

A wordsmith might find some humor with the fact that the mere addition of a “T” or a “C” to the word Mediation causes a drastic change in the word.  MediCation and MediTation result.  However, the proximity of these words does have some correlation… 

For families that are breaking apart, mediation is a tried process that has good success with resolving disputes amongst the former partners.  True preparation for mediation, mind you, does require a little “meditation” as to what a party wants, needs, and is willing to relinquish in the negotiations.   Most parties will contemplate what they want and what they must have out of a negotiated deal.  However, not all take the necessary step to prioritize what they are willing to lose, sacrifice, or relinquish.  Plain old simple denial is the usual cause of skipping this step.  While most parties mentally understand that concessions or give-and-take is necessary to arrive at most deals, the emotions of the process may prevent parties from acknowledging (and embracing) that they are going to have to give anything or that they would be willing to accept anything less than total victory.

And with tongue in cheek, to fail to list out what a party is willing to sacrifice, the ongoing battle may lead to the need for medication (using the most liberal definition as possible).  So, mediating parties may be best served by taking their medication of meditation in order to make mediation magnificent!


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