Cheapo Divorce? Yippee!

You’ve heard about “uncontested divorces” being a way to get a cheap attorney.  However, most divorcing couples have at least one or two items in dispute that disqualify them from being able to file an uncontested divorce and, more importantly, getting the bargain-basement attorney fee for “uncontested” divorces.  They are so close, but “close” only counts in horseshoes.

Divorcing couples, however, can “close” the gap and reach those discount attorney rates (and a faster track to finalizing their divorce) through mediation. 

Couples themselves can make the choice to meet with a mediator, with or without attorneys, to get all or the rest of their issues worked out for their anticipated divorce.  When couples work out the details themselves, they are in the best position to get an attorney to review the agreement and to finalize the divorce with the best chance of obtaining minimal legal fees. 

The bonus of mediation in the divorce setting?  If an agreement is not reached, the missed opportunity is confidential.  No one knows that the couple was not yet able to work it out themselves and what was said at the mediation is unlikely to be admissible evidence at a trial, should it be required.

In other words, mediating before retaining an attorney is a fast track to a cheapo divorce!  Check out for more information on the mediation process.


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