Divorce Planning: A New Rage?

Planning for a divorce?  You bet!  Failing to plan for your separation or divorce is just asking for a very tough separation process.

When separating or divorcing, the emotions of the process may focus on the damaged relationship, the other person, revenge or other target that is tied to the past.  At the same time, there can be a real hope for the future to be better.  Planning for that future should include planning out the separation or divorce.

In addition to the financial planning that must occur, if there are minor children, then significant planning for their future also will be required.  Mediation is one of the best processes to utilize in order to address the comprehensive needs of children.  Why?  Mediation can facilitate agreement between parents that cover a greater number of areas than a court can cover.

Case in point.  A recent post came from divorced parents whose graduating senior was angry that the non-custodial parent was not paying his college tuition.  The parents were confused about why their son thought that they would be paying for his tuition, housing, food, etc. and was accusing them of violating their divorce decree.  The son was confused because some of his peers’ divorced parents had mediated their divorce disputes and included, as part of the agreement they worked out themselves and that was approved by a court, a commitment to fund portions of the children’s higher education.  The parents were confused because the issue of higher education had not been part of their thought process nearly a decade earlier.

Planning, particularly for children’s needs, is important.  Further, managing children’s expectations through separation, divorce, and beyond, remains an ongoing point of planning for caring parents.  Mediation can assist parents with working out their own problems in a way that will work for them and their kids.  And parents know their kids better than any judge possibly could!


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